Customer experience: the huge power of real users testing in Quality Assurance

July 5, 2021 — Articles, Blog
Customer experience: the huge power of real users testing in Quality Assurance

Cutting down negative experiences and bridging the gap between your team of experts and your customers with real users testing.

Currently, all organizations are facing the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital platforms and apps have become critical to guarantee business continuity and access to public and private services. Ensuring their quality and an excellent experience is a must to succeed. From the ground up, in a 360º way. In a truly customer-centric approach. The problem is that traditional Quality Assurance can only give a partial viewpoint. That is where real users testing comes in.

Real users testing: the secret weapon to create the WOW effect in customer experience

Do you know where your probability of failure is higher? On the spots that you don’t control. When idealizing, creating, delivering and evolving a digital product you usually:

  • Plan (Marketing and Business Analysis, Business to Technical Mapping)… But are you planning according to what your customers really want and need?
  • Build (Requirements, Development)… But are you building what your customers expect to use?
  • Validate (Laboratory test environments, Pilots and Friendly users)… But are you testing under the conditions your customers have?
  • Launch (Targeting success)… But are you reaching it on the first attempt?

Crowdtesting, or real users testing, provides that vital insight into your customers’ real-life experience. Finding more defects and usability issues, in less time and before they reach your target. Tens of thousands of real users, similar to yours, detect bugs and make recommendations on how to improve the experience of other users like themselves on any possible device (mobile, desktop, smart tv…). Can you imagine the power of this and how it increases reliability and the chances to WOW your audience?

This is how it works:

Extensive solution verification – certifying the quality of a product before its launch and helping to determine any mismatches with customer expectations. Effectively measuring the impact of a new release on customers and enabling them to make informed decisions about business risk levels.

Extensive system test/acceptance test – unifying the system and acceptance tests in a single phase, both in terms of functional and non-functional requirements.

Extensive full TCoE –  a full technical quality guarantee. A Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) is able to cover all testing phases and all testing levels, according to the most modern methodological models that meet the criteria of institutions such as ISTQB, TMMI, and ISO. With unlimited scalability thanks to the organic engagement of a worldwide crowdsourcing community and the use of state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.

Four steps to exceptional customer experience

Design & co-creation – This helps fulfill customers’ desires. Real users express themselves in two ways: by giving feedback and by playing a leading role in designing their own solutions.

Solution verification – This measures customer satisfaction in advance before the release, through predictive research looking into customer and user experience. The main pain points are measured using global KPIs focused on real experiences made by crowders to forecast success rates on the market.

CX safeguard – This controls the quality of current on-air products through customer and user experience monitoring. By measuring responses from crowders who are reacting to their very own real-life experiences, it’s possible to monitor even more reactions on social and on the respective app stores, setting the tone for constant, real-time listening.

Digital accessibility – Digital accessibility is a term related to the use of IT tools by people with disabilities and is governed by law 4/2004, updated by Legislative Decree 10 August 2018 n. 106, which introduced the concept of usability going beyond mere technical accessibility.

From theory to practice

Ok, so you realize the importance of customer engagement and experience and how they can be hugely enhanced by real users testing. Now it’s time to move forward with some practical solutions. And here InnoTech got you covered 🙂 We have partnered with Clariter to make all we have shared above a reality. Delivering not one, but two offerings:

Tech Testing: Our approach to Technical Quality as a complement to your QA teams. It combines the expertise of professional software testers, engineers, data analysts and a community of real-world end-users. Ensuring your digital products and services work perfectly well on hundreds of devices under thousands of different network conditions.

UX Testing: Our approach to Customer Experience and Customer Journey. It combines the knowledge of our Economists, Psychologists, Sociologists and Marketeers together with access to hundreds of your customers. Drive actions like Focus Groups, A/B Testing, Surveys, Virtual and Physical actions. Process and analyze all data and get brilliant insights on what is your next best action.

The benefits of real users testing are clear:

  • Cost reduction and avoidance (efficiency) – The combination of InLab and OutLab activities enables clients to reduce QA costs by 35%.
  • 300% effectiveness – Increased in QA processes compared to traditional testing methods (3 times as many bugs discovered, more end-user feedbacks, etc)
  • Bugs are visible for less time – Often solved before end-users notice them, positively affecting clients’ reputation.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – We intercept client’s needs in advance. We do interact with consumers, not just listening to them.
  • NPS improvements – Complementary to your existing measuring (our customers experienced an average of 275% NPS increase!).
  • Better quality products – Reduced product development costs and shorter time to revenue, because it is much cheaper to fix bugs before the official software release.
  • Capability to create real promoters – After the improvement of technical quality and customer experience, since they have intensively used the client’s product/service.
  • Combined technical quality and CX – Enhances competitive differentiation and creates loyalty and stickiness.

Tens of thousands of your users are with us in the Crowdsourcing Community (Crowdville), they are waiting for you!

Let’s talk and bridge the gap between your team of experts and your customers with real users testing!