InnoTech Recognized as a Great Place to Work in Portugal 2024

By InnoTech
April 4, 2024 — Company

InnoTech was once again recognized as one of best places to work in Portugal for the 2nd time in a row. In 2023, InnoTech had been recognized by Great Place to Work as one of the Best Places to Work, and this year it has been recognized again by the same entity as a Great Place to Work.

For the second time in a row, InnoTech was among the best workplaces in Portugal, this time around in a new category, among companies with 101 to 200 employees. In 2022 InnoTech had already been recognized with the Great Place to Work certification by GPTW and had been mentioned by LinkedIn as one of the Top 10 Startups in Portugal.

The Best WorkplacesTM distinction is based on a global methodology, applied for more than 30 years, which mainly considers the perception of employees, through their voluntary and anonymous response to a questionnaire (Trust Index©), as well as considering the people management policies and practices adopted by the organization. The aspects of the organizational climate examined include credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and companionship.

After closing 2023 with a profit of €7 million and a total of 160 employees, we aim to reach 250 employees by the end of 2024. To this end, we will be hiring 100 professionals over the course of the year, namely in the areas of Software Development, Product and Project Management, and Quality Assurance.

In 2024, InnoTech is focused on expanding its business in the international market through its Nearshore service, and with the opening of the new offices in the Netherlands.

“We believe that a strong, cohesive culture is essential to building a high-performance team and creating an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to do their best. At InnoTech, we promote a culture of open feedback and transparent communication, where ideas are valued and everyone’s contributions are recognized. Our recent international expansion is a clear example of how our organizational culture empowers us to take on new challenges and explore new opportunities for growth. We are confident that with a strong and cohesive culture, we can achieve even more success and continue to grow as a company,” emphasizes José Padre Eterno, Founder and CEO of InnoTech.

Among the benefits that InnoTech offers our employees are:

Health Insurance: access to a comprehensive health plan, providing employees with medical assistance and well-being.

Flexible Working Hours: valuing work-life balance, with extra holiday days and remote working options whenever possible.

Continuous Training: investment in the professional development of employees, offering opportunities for continuous training and updating skills.

Innovative Work Environment: cultivating a stimulating and dynamic environment, promoting collaboration and creativity.

Recognition and Rewards Programs: implementation of programs to celebrate individual and team achievements, reinforcing a positive and motivating work environment.

In addition to these benefits, InnoTech also promotes inclusive recruitment and selection policies to attract diverse talent and achieve a work environment rich in different perspectives and where every voice is heard and respected, regardless of background or individual characteristics. It is also committed to career development, encouraging internal progression, and a culture of constant feedback, providing regular assessments to support growth and improvement.

InnoTech also encourages the active participation of employees in decision-making, and sees social responsibility as intrinsic to its activity, participating in community initiatives, developing sustainable projects and contributing to relevant social causes.