InnoTech at Jornal Económico: What are the fields of study with the greatest employment opportunities?

June 14, 2022 — Articles, Company
employment opportunities

Discover the opinion and top insights of our colleague Paulo Coixão in this special article from Jornal Económico.

Jornal Económico asked InnoTech what we consider to be the fields of study with the greatest employment opportunities. Here is the opinion of our Director, Paulo Coixão (check the original article in Portuguese):

The areas of health and engineering are, without a doubt, the ones that most students absorb right after finishing their higher education. In a country where the unemployment rate, considering the first quarter of 2022, stands at 5.9%, these are areas that have a residual unemployment rate, below 0.5%, in most courses and educational institutions.

As a specialist in the Information Technology (IT) market, the shortage of professionals in the sector is obvious. Since the first edition of the Web Summit in Portugal, the country has been the focus of large foreign multinationals and, consequently, large economies. This fact is due, in part, to the quality of our universities, the emergence of the first Portuguese tech unicorns and new startups with disruptive ideas, and the top knowledge of our professionals.

The migratory phenomenon from Brazil is repeated. This time, by a highly qualified workforce, mainly in the IT sector. Other professionals coming from locations such as India, Pakistan or Eastern Europe are also starting to be a standard in the reinforcement of existing projects in our country where most of them are international projects. Even considering these social phenomena, the market still lacks professionals. The reflection of this imbalance in the law of supply and demand forced different industries, but mainly IT companies, to rethink their strategies. Nowadays, it is very common to see recent graduates in the areas of Health, Economics, different Engineering and even Psychology, embarking on a career in IT, in different roles.

The vacancies of IT courses in higher education have been increasing over the years, albeit gradually, and the opportunity has been created for the requallification of professionals from different sectors for IT. These professionals bring new ways of thinking and perspectives in solving problems and creating ideas without biases common to professionals in the area. This creates space for more and more profiles trained in Health to be interpreting and analyzing tech solutions for their respective area, or economists and financiers responsible for developing banking apps from a B2C perspective, among many other examples.

More than talking about a training area with more professional output, we talk about an area that cuts across all industries and sectors of activity – Information Technologies. It is imperative that companies, regardless of their size, invest in technology. It has not been a simple area of ​​support for some time, but an area that accelerates the business and creates differentiating factors. Due to these factors, it can be considered the professional area of ​​greatest employability today and that should be the investment of young people, as well as professionals who want new challenges and career projects.

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